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Musician Career Guidance 

Navigating the classical, jazz, or world music field can be daunting to a young musician. There’s a lot to know that school doesn’t always teach you about the world of personal branding, professional biographies, press kits, photo shoots, and promotional materials. And the competition can be formidable.

You may have spent hours perfecting your craft, but maybe not your message! I help lead many young professional musicians through the maze of marketing and promotional efforts through consultation on effective strategies and tactics. This may include writing new biographies, press releases, web pages, and marketing materials; overseeing photo shoots; or just sitting down to brainstorm new and creative promotional ideas. 

for Young Professionals ...

"Working with Amy helped me developed a comprehensive strategy for gaining the media's attention surrounding my ensemble's performances in Rochester. I took her class in the Arts Leadership Program at Eastman and also met with her for private consultation for branding advice and to edit press releases to design a customized schedule for contacting local media sources, As a result, Sound ExChange has been covered by major news sources in print, online, and on TV."


Emily Wozniak, Eastman School of Music, MM'14

Executive Director, Sound ExChange Project

Perhaps you're a music student preparing to step into the professional world. Maybe you're a young professional classical or jazz artist or part of a new ensemble navigating through the music world. Any of these sound like you?

Contact me and see how I can be of professional assistance with your story.

Sound ExChange, Mary Corcoran Photography

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