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Special event publicity

Persuasive and well-written press releases, blogs, newsletters,

       web copy, and annual reports

Crafting and implementing a strategic public relations program

Identifying and publicizing what's newsworthy

Social media strategy and implementation

Compelling development/fundraising communication 

Personal or organizational branding

Career guidance for young professional musicians

Considering any of these services?

Contact me and we’ll discuss how we might work together. Long-term, short-term or per-project work is available.

Writing is truly a satisfying part of my business. One of my skills is the ability to listen to you, ask the right questions, then translate your story and craft it into a compelling press release, article, blog, newsletter, website, annual report, or collateral marketing materials. And you’ll always sign off on the final version.

Writing compelling copy for marketing and public relations translates into compelling copy for development and fundraising. With a knack for communicating a message in the voice and tone of the speaker, I’ve written sponsorship and annual campaign messages, as well as annual report letters and quotes on behalf of organizational leaders. 

From publicity for a building or exhibit opening to a product launch, red carpet event, concert, recording, premiere, or any other special event, I’ve done it all.

With an arts background and music degree, I've helped many young professionals navigate branding, marketing, and publicity, particularly though my "Arts, Media, and Promotion" class in the Eastman School of Music’s Arts Leadership Program. Contact me if you're a young professional in the early stages of your career looking for guidance and assistance in developing and crafting professional materials and marketing ideas. Please visit the Musician Guidance page for additional information.

Faulty social media usage is like an acquaintance who talks only about themselves. You want to politely excuse yourself and walk away. I understand the goals of social media. I’m the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram “voice” for a number of my clients. I'll be your voice, too.

Clients sometimes can't see what's newsworthy about their product, organization, or offerings. I’ve been told I think like a reporter. I’ll give you my insight into what the media wants to know — and what accompanying materials you need — then package and pitch it to suitable media outlets.

No matter if you’re looking for a long- or short-term public relations program, we’ll work on a customized plan with realistic goals and tactics.

Branding is much more than a logo or slogan. It's what sets you apart from your competitors.

I can help you with initial branding or re-branding, and ensure consistency of your brand’s message throughout your communication platforms.

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